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*rising from the depths... briefly* [16 Jun 2011|01:37am]

[ mood | exhausted ]

If anyone's still interested in I-Man, a bunch of us started a rewatch party last Friday, to convene at 2030 (8:30pm Eastern US). This Friday evening will be The Catevari episode.

Let me know if you're interested in joining in - we have a group chat room set up on AIM so that we can all MST3K while we're watching. Incidentally, I'm open to hosting a rewatch party at my place in Gaithersburg MD if anyone's wanting to stop by and have some silliness and fun along with popcorn, snacks and beer. Or lemonade. Or tea/coffee... whatever. Just let me know.

Rock on, my friends.

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Invisible Man icons for tv20in20 round 12 [25 Aug 2010|09:34pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

*My icons of The Invisible Man for Round 12 of tv20in20

plus5 Border AC3

The rest are here
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snippet [08 Jul 2008|08:39pm]

i wrote a very (!) short ficlet for i-man. i hope this is the right place to post :) i'm a complete newbie around this fandom... so if it isn't, tell me please :)

title. in memory
summary. 'He stared at his bloodshot eyes and wondered...'
rating. pg

here at my livejournal.

ETA: a few weeks ago i also made some i-man icons. i didn't find this comm until now though... so if you're interested, look at them here.

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(icons) episode 1.02 [05 Jul 2008|09:47pm]

[ 18 ] icons of the German National Team
[ 27 ] icons of The Invisible Man 1.02
[ 09 ] icons of Eugen Bauder
[ 09 ] icons of Judith Bedard

1 2 3

( click me )
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111 icons [27 May 2008|01:41am]

[ 33 ] The Insivible Man ( 1.01 - Pilot )
[ 15 ] Thoughtcrimes ( Agent Brendan Dean )
[ 27 ] Eugen Bauder ( some contain nudity )
[ 15 ] Good Omens ( quotes )
[ 09 ] The Dresden Files ( quotes & book covers )
[ 12 ] random quotes and text

1 2 3

Multifandom Icon Dump
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[07 Apr 2008|01:20am]

[ mood | amused ]

Dunno if anyone's awake in here, but I wanted to rec a crossover fic a new friend of mine just wrote.
It's IMan/SGA, Darien/Rodney McKay first time slash.
The Night Wagner Got Stoned
We need to have a porn off where writers find as many combinations of people to sleep with Darien as is humanly possible. In whatever fandoms tickle their fancy.
I challenge everyone on this list to the Operation Get Darien Fawkes Laid Muchly and Often.
Darien for one will thank you.

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Sweet Charity Auction -- Buy a vidder/writer/artist!! [10 Mar 2006|11:13am]

Sweet Charity: Buy Jebbypal

Yep, yep. You read it right. You can start bidding to make me write the story you want (with some limitations that are listed on my bid page). I'm donating two fics, so bid early, bid often and bid high. There are 20+ other vidders, writers, and artists donating multiple works in a wide array of fandoms.

And in case you somehow don't have a ton of us fandom hos on your flist, here's the dealio:
Fandom as a slightly squishy whole contains some of the most talented and generous people imaginable. Which is fortunate, because otherwise they'd be completely unsellable.

Yes! For a short time only, you can bid for a Charity Ho who will make for you the vid, fiction or graphic of your choice - or may be a special guest offering something completely different. Not only will you end up with a custom made goodie but your donation will go towards helping someone, or someones, have the quality of life every single person on the planet should have a right to.

Where are the donations going?
All money raised will go to RAINN, an American organisation for rape, abuse and incest victims. The charity is the favoured organisation of Maria "Danzy" Delgado, in whose memory this auction is taking place.
When are goodies to be finished by?
The end date for finishing is June 30th 2006, but if they're done before that they can be sent / received whenever. With glee, wherever possible.

Ready, set, Bid!

If you can't participate for whatever reason, please pimp out the auction. All the proceeds are going to charity as mentioned.
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PIMPING!!! Spamming crossposts! [31 Jul 2005|08:38pm]

Okay flist, listen up:) Here to pimp a new graphics community, fandom_blends. So, details:

This community is a Wallpaper Challenge community for All Fandoms. you can blend anything your heart desires here, music, TV shows, Movies and more. Themes will be posted once a month, and you create something to that theme. Winners will be judged by a group of judges, and winners will be awarded banners..

First challenge will be issued shortly. Join and have fun!!
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Challenges to start in New Year [18 Dec 2004|01:26am]

[ mood | crappy ]

So...I've heard everyone's (or those who care to reply) vote. I think that what we'll do is a combo fanfic/icon contest every two weeks or so. Each contest period, I'll post an icon as well as a fic challenge. I'll list the details on the main page as well as a post as soon as I work them out. Winners will be picked by voting with the occassional mod choice here or there at my discretion. Ummm....I'll take volunteers for banner duty;) Otherwise I'll make a generic one that everyone will get.

That's that. And CassieE..you're forbidden from volunteering for banner duty until AFTER some certain other banners are finished. 'Nuff said:)

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Joel [30 Nov 2004|01:59pm]

After watching Fight Club a gazillion times, I finally noticed that he's got another line besides: "Stop!" and "His name is Robert Paulson."

"You can't smoke in here! Do you know how much fucking ether we run through this house?"

At least I think that's what he says. It goes by so fast...

By the way, how can we get more people to sign that Region 1 DVD petition?
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Pimping New Community [20 Nov 2004|04:58pm]

Hey everyone. Created a new community for fanart,vids, fic, etc since I think that this one seems mostly dedicated to discussion it appears.

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Petition for I-man Season DVDs Region 1 release [16 Oct 2004|07:42pm]

As of now there are no plans to release the I-man DVDs in the US which is a tragedy cause I want it! So make me happy and go sign the petition even if you have no clue about what I'm talking about. :):) Pretty please! And if you have already, go to TVshowsOnDVD.com and do the same:) Thankies.

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X-MEN 3 [18 Jul 2004|10:28am]

Who else thinks Vince should be Gambit?
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Newbie here.. [11 Oct 2003|10:04pm]

Hello.. :) I'm posting first time to this community.. ^^

I think I-man is the best show ever aired.. Too bad that they canceled it.. :(

Aaanyway.. VV and PBV rocks.. :D
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A wise man once said [08 Oct 2002|09:47am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

You can't hide from all your problems, but you can make some of them go away....

Had a strange and wonderful dream of Vincent Ventresca starring in a movie. It was nice.... just wanted to share.

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[19 Aug 2002|01:09pm]

[ mood | okay ]

hey I'm new to this community and must say:
isnt Vincent Ventresca hot?
but he's married,and has a son and a daughter..v__v

peace out


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goodness! [22 May 2002|03:11pm]

there are other people who love this show!

*dives in*
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further info [22 Feb 2002|06:56pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

The signature list of Save I-Man project-related sites from the end of a list message for the operation_visible YahooGroup:

Operation: Visible Ink
Visit HQ
Perseus Project
Sign the Petition
Skates' Save I-Man site
Jada_Kat's Save I-Man site

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Vote I-Man (under specially requested shows)! [07 Feb 2002|02:51pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Also, the petition to save the show is still up; if you haven't signed it, please take a minute and do so -- it's easy, I promise, and it does not lead to spam as far as I can tell.

Other info on saving The Invisible Man can be found here, here, and here -- please do whatever you can to help.

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The power of Eberts! [06 Feb 2002|04:04am]

"Eberts" did it again! This is an awesome video clip that Mike put together regarding his last day on the set of I-Man. Thanks to him for doing that!!!

Plese go take a look see!!!!


The file IS 11 MB, and will take a long time to download, as long as you have Quicktime, you will be able to view it from his site.
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